My activities….

Recently, I really getting tired cause i have to manage my time to be more efficient. I have so many tasks which i have to accomplish it immediately.

Reading books such as Database System Concept by Silberchatz, Database Management System by Raghu Ramakrishnan, Oracle 11g SQL by Jason Price, Barron’s TOEFL Books, Software Engineering Schaum Series, and reading some journals which i taken from some universities in Indonesia and from another countries, try to make some journals which i create it by my self, following IWIC (Indosat Wireless Innovation Contest),etc are my daily activities for the moment.

Today, I spend my full time(not full exactly, but I am sure you know what i mean) just in my room by reading TOEFL Books, try to do the TOEFL Test using Software on my PC, watching the movie (which using English as main conversation),etc. I do these cause i think, i do need to increase my TOEFL Score (My Target is more than 570) cause i have plan for submitting scholarship application to keep on my study to higher level (Master Degree).

Honestly i really bored with all of these, but it must be happen , there’s no success without sacrifice. I do need to reach my target for this semester, but ya, you know, i just human who need to take a rest.


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  1. Posted by rendi on September 25, 2008 at 3:00 am

    ceile… tifta sok sibuk bgt…ha3
    bangga punya teman yg gila ilmu…
    semangat tif !!!
    kejarlah ilmu sampai akhir dunia… hosh…
    tiap org akan menuai benih apa yg dia tanam…
    dan ilmu adalah teman hidup terbae yg g akan pernah mengecewakanmu…,,, ceile bahasaku…


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