Building your mood in reading book.

Hi my friends in all over the world , several minutes ago one of my best friend in Makasar, asked me to give some tips about how to build in reading mood.

Well maybe it is looked like so usual, yah you know , cause I’m not the right and the best person for giving some tips in reading book.

Ok, firstly, of course you gotta madly in love with the book u wanna read, then you must interested with the topic that the the book tells about. Hmm what else?, o ya u need to know if u have accomplished one book, you have increased your knowledge in certain cases than anothers, and it will make u more confident.

Hmm so brief, but I guess it will be useful for u, and  of course for me as well.

Remember, by reading at least one book, you have opened one gate to succeed.


3 responses to this post.

  1. i think the hardest part for building the mood is: How to start. Many person says i wil read a book.
    But he doesn’t start it yet!
    (betul gak yah bahasa english gw)

    Tifta menjawab :

    I think the hardest part for building the mood is: How to start. Many person say i will read a book.
    But he/she doesn’t start it yet!

    Btw , thanks for sharing.


  2. Posted by viestinlove on December 2, 2008 at 10:05 am

    sometimes, it’s not just about ur mood
    it’s all about time.
    how much time u have to read those book
    i mean
    when i read a book, i need special time to think and keep that in my mind. i can’t do it (and it means i’m not in mood), when i have something else to do.


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