I’m going to take an interview…

Tomorrow, I’m going to go to Language Center Sanata Darma University for taking an interview. The interview is the final selection for being grantee of The IELSP Scholarship.

It’s full scholarship which giving opportunity to Indonesian students especially in Bachelor Degree (S1) from any field to study English Language intensively in American University for 8 Weeks.

Ya, you know, the best practice to improve our English ability is by practicing directly, by speaking English actively. I have to prepare for getting it. I can’t throw my time in vain. I’ve striven for getting this scholarship, and I’ve done all-out for everything that i wanna do.


2 responses to this post.

  1. congratulation…I’m happy to hear that
    may we can disscuss it sometime
    I wanna know your activity there…
    may Allah bless you, always..

    Tifta answers :

    Ok 117745eva, thanks. Allah bless you too..


  2. Good Luck Tif…

    Tifta answers :

    Very Thanks bro, I do hope you get it as well. Have a nice day.


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