Our Gaza and Palestine.

Our beloved Gaza and palestine is being sorrowful today. Thousands of people died because of Israeli crimes. This is not about Religion War, because many people have died , and they’re not only from moslem but also from another religion. Israel is absolutely Heathenish.

Here, I wanna give some songs which tell condition in Gaza, Palestina.

We won’t go down – Michael Heart

The War on Palestine

Free Palestine

If you care with our brothers in Gaza, please donate your money for them:

Bulan Sabit Merah Indonesia

Your Contribution could be donated through :
Bank Syariah Mandiri cab. Jatinegara No. Rek. 0010102555
Bank Syariah Mandiri cab. Tanjung Priok No. Rek. 0200038569
all of those , on behalf of Bulan Sabit Merah Indonesia

Please confirm your donation through SMS by typing :
your name_you total donation_Bank which you using it to transfer your donation.

Then send it to : 08159518816.

email: layananbsmi@bsmipusat.net

you can also contact through Telp/Fax Number (021) 808 76527.

Bulan Sabit Merah Indonesia
Care For Life
Head Office:
Jl. Dewi Sartika No. 19
Cililitan Jakarta Timur

KISPA (Komite Indonesia untuk Solidaritas Palestina)

Your Contribution could be donated through :


KISPA Operational Office:
Jl. Kebon Pala I no. 72 B, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat,
Telp: 021-91023223, HP. 08128173107, Fax: 021-3915542
email: kispa@eramuslim.com

Komite Nasional untuk Rakyat Palestina

Your Contribution could be donated through :
BCA Cab. Jatinegara barat Jakarta no rekening 7600325099
On behalf of “Komite Nasional untuk Rakyat Palestina”

MER-C (Medical Emergency Rescue Committee)

Your Contribution could be donated through :
BCA cab Kwitang: No. Rek. 686.0153678
BSM cab. Kramat: No. Rek. 009.0121.773
(On behalf of “Medical Emergency Rescue Committee”)
BMI cab. Arthaloka: No. Rek. 301.00521.15 (a.n. MER-C)

Or you can also donate via SMA by typing MERC (space) PEDULI , then send it to 7505

Hopefully, Allah will always save and bless Gaza and Palestine Forever, Amen.


One response to this post.

  1. Blaming Israel, UN can’t do anything. Let’s hope Obama can resolve this problem…One thing that we can do now is not harsh to Israeli because they are hard people who can’t adviced by any chairman from all country arround the world, we know people from the whole world take protests for their invade to Gaza strip, but they closed their eyes and ears. They still do their ‘crimes’. Be patient, only US with God aid can press Israel to stop this cruelty.


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