The thesis problems….

Well, as you may already know (I guess :D) that currently I’m the final year student, and like other people think about what final year students do is taking a final assignment (in this case we’re used to calling it as a thesis or dissertation).Well that’s exactly what i though a few months ago. I decided to take my own thesis, and my reason was i just wanna graduate soon. Yah every student wants to graduate soon and gets the job or scholarship after finishing their study. Hmm, sounds classic, but that’s the reality which we can deny since it has been happening since a  long long time ago. Yah some of my friends said that my reason was wrong, since we don’t even know what likely happen in our future, so we’ve got to maximize all the time we currently have. Yah i received all of those advices with open-handed. And thanks a lot for that.

But sometime we often forget about the essential of learning itself, some people (maybe including me) think that parameter of getting success on learning process is by getting as high score as possible, that’s why some people have a target for getting minimum GPA. We can’t say that it’s the wrong opinion, but we can clearly say that it’s the improper opinion, yah it seems like a collocation. On the other side, Some people think that the success parameter on learning process is by the outcome by which can give solution or at least benefit about a solving problem that faced by the societies, companies or any other fields.

I am definitely sure that most people think for the first one, even in a little time they think for the second. The reason is clear since we need a symbol of the failure or success about the action that we have already done. That’s exactly what a math lecturer explains to us, the symbol for showing 1+1 is “2”, notwithstanding we can clearly say that 1+1 equal 5-3 or log 100.

Well, i will no longer discuss about that on my writing :D, due to the fact that it’s not my specialization 😀 .

Go back to the main topic, I am definitely sure that every student ever has a problem about finishing the problem regarding to their own thesis, even the level of the problem itself is different. Some people could overcome it but often the rest people just go away from their own problem and finally they do some illegal actions like buying an illegal thesis or doing plagiarism, ooh poor them.

Well, I am  intentionally not giving  some recommendations about those things since i want to give some spaces for us to think about what we supposed to do.

So, just think about it and do the action…


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  1. Posted by kitta2006 on December 1, 2009 at 8:17 am

    keep on spirit, tifta…! ^_^ V

    Tifta answered :

    Thanks buddies 🙂


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